Blood, Balls, and Blazing Glory

Welcome sports fans,

To the end of season coverage for season one of Blitzmania, with highlights on the teams in our league, and the coaches behind their success. As always, I’m your host Greg.

This has been an interesting league with a variety of teams, some of legend, and some straight from Deathzone season 1. We’ve had a nice mix of Bashy, Stunty, and All round teams. The touchdowns flooded in and the Casualties rained down. Today we shall be having interviews with some of our teams.

We have already had 3 mentions in the official Blitzmania blog for our first team, Da Blackwater Cartel coached by Steve Lomas.

Next up we have the winner of this season – Steve Cross with the Armoured Armadillo

What have you to say on the season? Amazons are a strong team at low TV and do particularly well in short leagues (10-12 games) as opposition teams struggle to get the necessary skills to combat them. They don’t have access to a big guy and the average stat line (the whole team is 6337) makes them a challenge to develop well and keep them competitive

Let’s break the players down;

Blitzers – the Stars of the team. Starting with Block and Dodge and Strength access they rapidly progress and once they have Guard they support the rest of the team. Usual build progression – Guard-Mighty Blow and then Tackle / Stand Firm

Catchers / Throwers – Flair players that give the team a bit of ball handling and a second option to the usual running game. Standard development is Block first skill and then you can branch out into more situational roles

Linewomen – fodder for the LOS. Generally will Blodge up first skill but I always have a Dirty Player as the lineo’s are cheap and you can run a decent bench

The season went well (the game that won’t be mentioned withstanding) it’s been interesting using the new league rules (targeted MVP, limited inducements/Stars) I’m not a fan of the Friendly system as it creates disparities between teams in terms of development and can be ‘abused’ to recover players etc

The AV7 of the team can be a killer and the lack of high agility or strength can be off putting for inexperienced coaches but once you have them down they can be as bashy as they come.

Next season hopefully I’ll be using Slann if I’m allowed

Our gallant runner up this season is – Matt Pellington with his Golden boys

What team have you been playing, and why did you choose this team: Skaven, Touchdowns are life
How have you found this season: Very fun season, don’t like how squashy Skaven are though. Its impressive how weak they are
Any advice to players trying your team: I’m kinda still learning the team but I was able to learn the most from my final 2 games against Squires and Steve which I’ll be taking into my next season. Dont let them get to many blocks on you cause if they take a few out then they will just be boring and sit by the touchline with the ball for all there turns (no wonder they don’t have fans). But was all a learning experience. I should of tried to reduce his numbers by gang banging his other players outside of the cage so that it would force him to score but yano I was falling asleep. And also don’t foul at all unless you got a bribe cause I did against steve and got 3 player sent off and I was just fucked after that lol. Linemen are useless, you’ll rarely be able upgrade them. Use them as shields. Gutter runners give them block. I built a blitzer gutter runner with horns to sweep the backline and a 1 turn scorer gutter runner. I used gutter runners as guy who picked ball up aswell. You could make a beautiful passing gutter runner. Depends how you want play. I’ll be playing my skaven completely different next season. Do you need a rat ogre. Not really but I like it, its a good punch but never blitz it into a cage without back up. Frenzy can easily put you at a disadvantage. If you get the chance give it AV up
Kicking and receiving formation for me changed every game. I was still experimenting. I don’t think skaven have a solid formation to use. Depends on the team.
Try to take advantage of your blitzers av 8 cause its the best you got

What team are you planning to play next season: Skaven, I was so pissed I lost the final due to mistakes, that we want our revenge

3rd place was valiantly earned by Matt Squires with the Orkshire Rippers

and our final qualifier was Simon Carter with Malekith’s Maidens

What team have you been playing, and why did you choose this team:
I chose Dark Elves as most people I asked were playing either Skaven or Orcs. I had played them online and liked the over all game play they could do. Being speedy and good agility, running and passing was a great option. Also as not being a strong team and without a heater, the Assassins were cool to play with.
How have you found this season: This season for me was a bit slow. Finding people to play, even in my own division, was hard to do.
Any advice to players trying your team: Don’t stand and fight. D.E. are a hit and run team. Don’t go toe to toe with anyone you’ll lose.
What team are you planning to play next season: Ogres, trying something different and want to push myself a bit in strategy play.




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