Ships go boom!

So, as we all know an epic game of X-Wing can take hours, the more points the longer it takes; well the more ships there are the longer it takes while both players try and decide what to do.

So I played an epic game with an experienced friend at Geeks Head Quarters last week, a nice low 300 points. I decided that I would take all large based ships instead of the normal Epic ship; this I thought would be a good way to over come the normal slowness of the game and also I wanted to play with all my large based ships; that I do not normally get to use.

The game started out well, we both moved our forces and exchanged fire in the second turn, I lost my lovely U-Wing to a rather impressive barrage of fire power from most of his ships. Something I didn’t expect to happen, but maybe should have; my opponent knew it was one of the more dangerous ships in the force.

This is more or less when things went wrong, I lost Rey to a silly move which put her in front of the Imperial Raider.

Which brings me to the point of this blog, starting to worry I wasn’t gonna get there right?

The ruling for an epic ship ‘running’ over a small or large based ship is that the small or large ship  explodes. Okay so I can understand this with fighters, they are small but large ships, the Ghost is about half the size of the Raider, and yet it still suffers the same fate.

Talking to a few people about this we think maybe it should be a hull (or total hit) points of said ship. So if the Falcon only has 4 hull points left it explodes, but if it was on full health it would take damage, such; maybe a face up damage card.

I know some of you are gonna say that you just don’t put your ships in the way of an epic vessel. Well yeah, in an ideal battle you wouldn’t, it just seems a little harsh is all.

I wanted to keep this blog short as it was my first and I didn’t want to ramble too much. Look out for more from me.


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