Pandemic Legacy 

I have just started a game of Pademic Legacy with Dan, his dad Jim and Tim. This will be the on going story of our campaign.

In Pandemic Legacy just like a game of Pandemic you fight to stop diseases spreading across the globe. The difference with Legacy i it is a continuation game that goes on for twelve months. In those months special things can happen to change the game. You have two chances to beat each month with plusses and minuses depending on how you do. You work as a team of people trying to wipe out these diseases. There are multiple characters to play as well that do different thing to help in the game.

Our first month of January went really well, I thought we would lose the first month as it was the first time all four of us have played together. You are supposed to pick which character you want to play as well, but I did something different just for fun and handed them out blind. Tim got the Generalist, able to do five actions as its base talent, with an option to add up to four more talents through end of game upgrades. Jim got the Researcher, able to trade cards in any space back and forth with him. Dan got the dispatcher, who is able to move others people’s pawns around with their permission. last, I got the Medic, who is able to cure all disease from a space with one action instead of a cube at a time. The last one we didn’t choose was the Scientist who is able to cure the disease with four cards of the same colour rather than the normal five cards.

We had a few hiccups to start the game, I accidentally placed the Epidemic cards in the card deck before they were shuffled out to the players so we had to do that again. In a four player game of Pandemic Legacy you each start with two cards. After we fixed that and re-dealt the cards we started the game randomly with me going first. We went along and something didn’t seem right, when we got to Jim’s turn it dawned on us we forgot to spawn new diseases at the end of mine and Tim’s turn. As you may know after each players four actions you draw two cards and then spawn new diseases in cities. So we started to do it after Jim’s go, did we cheat a little? Well maybe but I’m not entirely positive it was a help or a hinderance as well got around ok until Jim’s next turn and an Epidemic came out. Having fewer cities to re-spawn their diseases’ may have actually hurt us. So first Epidemic down and everything turned out ok. We scurried around the board fighting the outbreaks with Tim drawing the, Burn a city card from the infection deck, which we eventually took out Khartoum. Jim’s next go we had another Epidemic card pop up, triggering an in-game event, our red disease became COdA-403a a harder to kill disease requiring two actions to kill one cube each.

Luckily again no outbreaks occurred as I ran around the red territories curing those diseases as the Medic was best suited or that. I did however draw the Special card that let us look at the top six cards from the Infection deck and put them back in any order, helping us stave off a potential Outbreak as we were now up to flipping over three Infection cards a turn. Essen was about to Outbreak on my turn and I luckily moved it so it would spawn on Tim’s turn as he was after me and was able to clear Essen before it flipped over. If I forgot to say earlier the turn goes like this, me, Tim, Jim, Dan and then of course back to me.

As for curing the three diseases we had to cure, the Objective having changed from the begining of the game where we had to cure-all four diseases. That was because of the CODa-403A outbreak, it i an incurable disease, if I forgot to mention that. Jim was doing a good job of getting cards and curing black and blue respectively. Dan built a Reasearch center on Moscow and Jim got a Special card to build another center anywhere, we decided to build on Hong Kong, just in case. As the Player deck started to dwindle down, one of the ways to lose the game, Dan raced to Moscow to cure the last yellow disease, winning us the game. If you don’t know there are multiple way of losing a Pandemic game, first as stated above running out of player cards. Next is getting eight Outbreaks in one game and lastly I believe is running out of any coloured cube to put on the board when needed, ie. a red card flips from the Infection deck and there are no red cubes to place.

That was all for the month of January, we now had to decided which post game advancements to use. We agreed to give the Medic an upgrade where he can cure diseases from an adjacent city and keep Moscow as a permanent Research center, meaning in February we start the game with two research centres, one in Atlanta which you always have and one in Moscow. We also got a bonus for net month to remove one cube from the board after initial outbreak had occurred. For those of you who don’t know what initial Outbreak is you flip over nine cards, the first three of those get three cubes of their respective colour cubes placed on their city, each card is colour specific. The next three card get two cubes a piece and finally the last three cities get one cube a piece.

See you next week as we tackle February and see what happens.


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