Star Wars RPG

Howdy folks Simon here with a new Star Wars RPG setting. I’ll tell the tale as I and the group I play with journey through the galaxy of the Empire controlled systems fighting for the rebellion. Hope you enjoy the ride.


Our story starts on the Mon Calamari battleship Starwhisper. A group of five rag-tag volunteers sit around waiting on something to do when all of a sudden over the ship communication, ” Squad Nomad, report to the bridge, squad Nomad report to the bridge.” Chairs screech on bare metal floors and feet hit the floor from bunks in the different berthing stations as our group hurries up to the bridge. AS an introduction we have Shades playing a human engineer who lost his arm when his ship was blown up by the empire, his reason for joining the Rebellion. George playing the Human pilot, Hawke, with a drinking problem, he hits the bottle it seems because he’s been lied to about what really happened to the Jedi, his reason for leaving the Empire as a Tie pilot to join the Rebellion. Gav is playing a female Human Soldier, Widowmaker, who specialises in long-range kills, yes a sniper. Mark is playing the protocol droid call sign Epsilon-3PO. Finally, I’m playing a Kel-Dor medic named Zarfor, my reason for joining the Rebellion, to save lives. and now back to the story.

Our group all find their way to the bridge and assemble in front of two individuals, a Gran who is dressed in more of a combat fatigue and a Mon Calamari dressed in the naval uniform with commander insignia. The Gran calls “Attention on deck”, as our heroes snap to attention he also says, “this is Commander Kel, with your mission briefing.”

“Thank you Sargent Skik, now Nomad you are to recon the planet of Felucia. It is in the same named Felucia system. We have reports of Imperial activity on the planet where before the planet has been believed deserted after heavy fighting during the Clone Wars. We need to know why the Empire is now interested in this planet.”

Epsilon pipes up “Felucia is a tropical planet with sufficient qualities in both oxygen and gravity for humanoid habitation.” Zarfor adds “What kind of resistance are we looking at?” with Skik answering “Intelligence so far says minimal. You’ll fly a Lambada class shuttle there and recon the situation and report findings back to us, secondary is to eliminate the Imperial presence on Felucia. Hawke you can get the codes for the shuttle in Stores, any other questions? Oh, and looking at you all, you may want to pick up some equipment from Stores as well.” No one asks anymore question he ends with “DIsmissed.”

THe group heads down the stores locker on board ship to get their stuff introducing themselves to each other as they have never met each other before just been shipped on bard and given the code name Nomad as a unit they belonged to. While in Stores they meet a Jawa named Jib Jib, he seems to be the quartermaster as he hands out equipment and also it seems has the capability to upgrade the equipment itself, as he does to a couple of the things the party choose to take with them. Sargent Skik comes in after a while and calls Hawke over to him and asks ” Datapad kid?” which Hawke lazily pulls out and holds up to him. Skik does some things with the pad then says, “Codes for the shuttle are on there now, Good hunting all.” the Jawa pipes up “Tanee fe ka so nik.”  which Shades asks what did he say? Skik smirks and says ” Ha, nothing really.” to which Epsilon chimes “The Jawa stated. the bastards will need it.”

The party leaves Stores and heads to Hangar A and their transport. As they walk out into Hangar A they see a couple of B-wing fighters under repair with crew teams swarming over them. The party nonchalantly peeks at the work being done on the way to the only shuttle in the hangar. All but Hawke board as he does his pre-flight check, more out of habit than anything else a he seems to stumble a bit around the ship. After deciding it’s ok he walks on board slides into his pilot seat, having past Widowmaker and Zarfor strapping themselves into the passenger seats. In the cabin with him are Epsilon and Shades, manning communication and co-pilot seats respectively. Hawke puts his head set on and them asks for permission to disembark the shuttle. A loud claxon sounds from outside the shuttle as work crews scramble out of the hangar. As soon as they are clear the energy shield in the hangar drops and the air is sucked out as the shuttle powers up and makes its way rather smoothly out of the hangar.

The journey to Felucia takes two days in that time the party just plans and strategies on how to best approach Felucia. Some ideas better than others as Epsilon want to just use a bio-logical weapon to wipe out the organic life forms in one go. Eventually they seem to settle on recon first and then see what happen.

Entering the Felucia system the are almost immediately bombarded by ship debris, left over it seems from a massive space battle here, presumably from the Clone Wars. They use the debris and the planets to mask themselves and proceed to Felucia. They had very technical term for hoping around planets and using curvature of planets that Zarfor didn’t really understand. Finally landing on the planet they set down about 20 kilometers from their main objective and five klicks from a secondary objective. Widowmaker and Zarfor are about to leave the shuttle and progress to recon the secondary site.

Tune in next week to see what happens to our brave group.




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