Star Wars night II

So there we were on the planet Felucia setting out to try to scout the exact positions of the Empire positions. Our previous intel proved to be completely wrong as myself and Widowmaker ( Gav ) soon found out. We approached what we believed to be a small detail of people, which was the only piece of information that was correct. Thre were two scout troopers with two speeder bikes,  on a much more thorough check of the area, the positions we thought were further off, were much closer and there was no way to take out any one position without alerting the others.

Luckily Harlock ( Shades ), was able to tap into the Empire’s communications and after a few minutes of listening Epsilon ( Mark ) was able to re-direct the scouts with the speeder bikes away from their positions. In the meantime, me and Widowmaker re-positioned to get better positions the other emplacements. There were two, two maned gun platforms and another two speeder bikes in the vicinity. We called in help from the shuttle as Widowmaker took aim on one of the troopers at the closest gun position. With a remarkable shot she somehow lined it up nd shot both, kill them instantly. I then ran for the empty gun emplacement diving behind the front of the sandbags as not to be hit from the other gun emplacement.

Unfortunately at this time a AT-ST came into view and our shuttle diverted its guns to take care of the bigger threat. That left the other gun emplacement to fire on me. The power of those guns tore straight through the sand bags injuring me. Luckily for as they were shooting at me Widowmaker was lining them up for another shoot, which managed to hit a grenade on one of the troopers belts, exploding and killing both troopers. Now as the speeders came into view, I jumped on the gun emplacement I was cowering behind just moments before and proceeded to shoot and explode one speeder bike. They then returned fire on me and even thought it hit me, between the heavy gun and my heavy clothing I managed to shrug off any real damage. The speeder bike was less lucky and as he was shooting at me lost sight of a log sticking out of the swamp like ground, swerved to miss it and dove-tailed into a tree throwing him from the exploding bike.

The AT-ST and the shuttle traded shots with the AT-ST getting the worst of it loosing a gun. I then managed to spin my gun around fire widely at the AT-ST missing completely, but luckily laying down some cover fire for myself as four more troopers appeared from around the AT-ST and were running towards us. At that same moment a group of prisoners, led by a Wookie, appeared out of a fenced in area to the t north of where we fighting. I n a very skillful move Harlock manged to swoop the shuttle between the prisoners and the AT-ST, as Hawke peppered it again with fire from the shuttle damaging it again. Widowmaker was still busy picking off the newly arrived troopers killing one as she got it in her scope. Me on the other hand, it seemed my first shot was a lucky one, couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, laser blasts going everywhere but where they were intended.

In his swoop move Harlock had also lowered the rear ramp of the shuttle and Episolon proceeded to walk to the back and convince the prisoners to board the shuttle. Widowmaker now had lined up the ultimate shot and put a round straight through the site whole of the AT-ST killing its driver, who slumped over killing power to it as the machine powered down. This left Hawke to train his weapons on the troopers running towards me killing two of them, the third turn tail and ran. Seeing this I slumped down and injected myself with a Stimm pack slowly recovering from the wounds I took. Widowmaker now took out the remaining soldier, a stun round to the back of the fleeing trooper.

We then took to clean-up, tying the stunned trooper up and searching him. Receiving a datapad with codes to the bunker. Which there were two of and ancient temple and a mine, where the slaves had escaped from. I tended to the former prisoners, who were emancipated and very weak, feeding and treating wounds. Giving them plenty of room in a cargo hold to stretch out for half of the, while using the empty seats to sit some as well, rotating them as to improve movement. Meanwhile we scanned the system and found a class seven silhouette approaching the planet. We quickly hurried to accomplish our mission.

Asking some of the more stout prisoners to load the crystals into our cargo holds, A few Trandoshans volunteered to help. Harlock, Widowmacker and Kit, the Wookie ( Jeeves ) who led the prisoners out agreed to help us in our mission, checked the bunker. Finding much valuable information about trials being done humanoids. Not quite sure exactly was being done as Harlock hit a wrong button and the computer started to delete its information.

The remaining three of us, Hawke, Epsilon and myself, checked the temple. It turned out to be an old Jedi temple. We recovered a Holocron and some data crystal from the top portion of the temple and them found stairs leading below. There were three sarcophaguses down there with humanoid remains in them all. I scanned to see if there were in fact remains, and got a hint of strange energy which matched the crystals we were currently loading on board the ship. Hawke immediately wanted to open them up and take, which  he presumed to be lightsabers. I balked as I was not comfortable looting and disturbing the bodies in their rest. Epsilon then came up with a diplomatic solution as the recovery of these lightsabers with the knowledge of which race was holding them might help us in negotiations with these planets or species. Not able to lift the tops of the sarcophagi by ourselves we radioed to ask the Wookie to join us and liberated the lightsabers.

We quickly boarded the ship and flew off the planet and into the debris field surrounding the planet. The previous silhouette we saw turned out to be an Imperial class destroyer.  Harlock desperately punching jump co-ordinates into the Nav-Com, it launched the Tie-bombers to deal with us and the debris. Dropping EMP bombs and luckily for us missing but, the explosion caused a chain reaction with some shrapnel form a derelict ship tearing into us, knock out the Nav-com. We weaved in and out of the debris trying to lose the bombers, two running in to debris. Finally Wolfe, decided to just punch it and make a run away from the last bomber, it crashing into an asteroid as Harlock fixed the Nav-com and we jumped clear.

Now free of the Imperials we contacted Rebel Command and got co-ordinates for our rendezvous point. We were directed to the planet Moldra 4. We jumped again and arrived in system quickly landing on Moldra 4. The base was set up on an island, it seemed ready to repel attackers as the beaches were dotted with metal Hedgehogs and turrets overseeing them. Three beaches in total with a large refugee camp as well as the main base and landing pad, guarded by a twin Ion cannon. We landed safely and prepared to disembark.

And that’s it for this weeks adventure.


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