Fun in the Khemrian Sun

Welcome sports fans,

I’m Greg, and this is the first installment in our coverage on the glorious game of Blood Bowl

Today’s article is about the Khemri Tomb Kings, the team I coached through 18 games, with 11 wins, 3 draws, and 4 losses.

Khemri are a strange team, in that they are “Bashy” yet are mainly strength 3 and armour 7. Unlike most teams in this category with higher strength and armour.

The main advantage of the Tomb kings team is that they get access to 4 Tomb guardians, these behemoths have a brilliant 5 strength, and mean that they regularly get the advantage in any blocks.

The rest of the team is usually made up of 2 Blitzers, 1 thrower, and skeletons for days. Your Agility is 2 across the board, though your tomb guardians are 1 agility, so your ball control will be sparing, and the “sure hands” feature on your thrower is a (un)lifesaver.

The Stats:

Skeleton: 5MA, 3St, 2Ag, 7AV 40k – Skills: Regeneration, Thick Skull

Blitzer: 6MA, 3St, 2Ag, 8AV 90k – Skills: Regeneration, Block

Thrower: 6MA, 3St, 2Ag, 7AV 70k – Skills: Regeneration, Sure Hands, Pass

Tomb guardian: 4MA, 5St, 1Ag, 7AV 100k – Skills: Regeneration, Decay

Reroll: 70k

The Tactics:

Now onto the Tactics and playbook for this team, generally if you get the chance to kick in the first half you take it, as you are looking to play for the 2-1 grind. Taking the kick in the first half enables you to force an early touchdown by your opponent giving you up to 5 turns to get that ball to their end zone. This also gives you the advantage of having 8 turns to slowly progress to the end zone in the second half.

The set up:

The correct setup is essential in blood bowl, and no more so than with Khemri. Ideally you want to make sure you have both flanks covered with a Tomb Guardian and skeleton support, the main line of scrimmage should have your blitzers and some skeletons, and the other 2 tomb guardians should be covering the gaps a line or 2 back (in case of blitzes).

This will generally give you a wide area of control, but allow you to let them get their touchdown early, while keeping most/all blocks in your favour. After this you can use the rest of the first half to score your own touchdown.

When Setting up as receiver, you will want to have a similar set up at the front, but also make sure you have decent coverage for your Thrower to reach the ball no matter where it lands, so keep him central.

Throwing blocks:

A major part of your game will be throwing blocks, and with four strength 5 guys, you can easily get yourself set up to have advantage on most blocks thrown. The majority of your SPP will be from Casualties and Khemri only really “git gud” when you have a few skills under your belt. At the same time, don’t be afraid to throw your skeletons under the bus, at 40k to replace them you will soon have more than enough spare, and Thick skull makes them a pain to get off the pitch.

The Plays:

Really, you have one play as Khemri, get the ball with your thrower (or Blitzer, more on this later), cage up, and slow roll to the end zone.

Beyond this, you want to keep your opponent from your carrier, and get as many of their team off the pitch as you can, so throw blocks, put skeletons in the way as speed bumps, and FOUL FOUL FOUL!

You will have people sent off, so make sure you have skeletons in reserve, and don’t risk your more valuable players on these fouls.

Skill ups:

Tomb Guardians – Block (They will throw the most blocks out of all your men), Multi-block (With 1 guy near them, they will mostly be able to advantage block 2 people with ease), Break tackle (This will enable them to attack a cage solo thanks to that incredible strength 5). – You will likely want to split this between the guardians, and will need to roll doubles to get Block, any doubles other than 6s should be used to get Block first, Double 6 will always be strength upgrade.

Blitzers – Guard (Those lovely assists), Sure hands (At least one of your blitzers should function as a spare ball carrier) – Beyond these, you will want things like mighty blow, strip ball, and other ways of keeping your opponent on their toes, and causing casualties.

Thrower – Dodge (Essential but only available on doubles), Block (keep them standing), Strip ball (Get the ball from their carrier)

Skeletons – Dirty player (You are going to foul, you are going to foul LOTS), Sneaky git (See previous), Block (The occasional legitimate block is thrown), Guard (They get to assist your Guardians)

I hope this has been of use to you all, and stay tuned for our end of season review.





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  1. Nice and concise Greg, a good quick read. Thanks! Glad those Tomb Guardians are so overpowering against squishy players, like Skaven :p


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