Pandemic Legacy (Apr-May)

Finally got back to playing our next round of Pandemic Legacy. It has been awhile unfortunately but life happens to us all. Anyway back to our late April game.

FOr those of you who don’t remember we lost our first attempt at beating April. Going in to this month we decided to ditch building Military bases and try to eradicate one disease instead. Our first flip of the cards was not to generous and we ended up with three red cubes on both Shanghai and Seoul. If you remember we can’t cure or treat red cubes as it is our CodA disease. We tried furiously to place quarantine markers as fast as we could and try and stop outbreaks that way, unfortunately we ran out of red cubes to place on the board and lost the last half of April as well. It was a relatively quick game as the red cubes went flying out of the bag, or so it seemed.

Our end of the game bonuses we chose were 1. Cure black without needing to be in a research station and 2. gave the Resercher the Pilot upgrade, she can travel to any city without burning it’s card. 20170503_192320.jpg

This is how our board ended up after April.

May first half of the Month.

We started May with four resource cards but no bonuses for the month. There was a special tracker for May to open on your second Epidemic. Read it after the second Epidemic was resolved. The board for us was better spread out this time around with more cubes in blue and yellow.  The medic moved around through South America and into Africa curing diseases while everyone else went to Europe or Asia. The Quarantine specialist ran around the red cubes dropping quarantine markers where she could. We did well to stop outbreaks from happening but we did hit our second Epidemic card and boy did it hit the fan. C0dA mutated again now our red cubes became Faded tokens and A new Faded City rule was put into play.  When red outbreaks from now on the cities become faded and if you start your turn in a faded city your receive a scar. Characters can only have two scars before getting killed, yes it is possible for your characters to die in this game. We got out of that situation fairly light as only Jakarta and it looks like Taipei were turned into Faded cities. We actually blew through curing the diseases quite fast and even Eradicated Blue before finding the cure for Black.

Needles to say we won in May and took for our rewards Cure blue without needing a Research station and gave the Quarantine Specialist the ability to put a quarantine token on a neighbouring square. This allows her now to place a lot more without having to move as much. May need this going forward to cancel out Faded Cities. Below is how we ended May, you can see the Faded cities with the special Radioactive stickers over in red.


We will be back in two weeks with our first try at June tune in then for a better update, I’ll take more notes I promise.


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