Star Wars night II

So there we were on the planet Felucia setting out to try to scout the exact positions of the Empire positions. Our previous intel proved to be completely wrong as myself and Widowmaker ( Gav ) soon found out. We approached what we believed to be a small detail of people, which was the only piece of information that was correct. Thre were two scout troopers with two speeder bikes,  on a much more thorough check of the area, the positions we thought were further off, were much closer and there was no way to take out any one position without alerting the others.

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DMing The Curse of Strahd

It’s Friday night and I have a AD&D fifth edition RPG group. We have just started to play The Curse of Strahd. This is a new take on an old adventure, for those of you who don’t know, the Curse of Strahd is a revamped version of Ravenloft. In this blog and future ones I will be talking about the aspect of DMing instead of playing. Fear not I will still blog about the adventures I play in, just figured this would give a different perspective. Continue reading “DMing The Curse of Strahd”

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