DMing The Curse of Strahd

It’s Friday night and I have a AD&D fifth edition RPG group. We have just started to play The Curse of Strahd. This is a new take on an old adventure, for those of you who don’t know, the Curse of Strahd is a revamped version of Ravenloft. In this blog and future ones I will be talking about the aspect of DMing instead of playing. Fear not I will still blog about the adventures I play in, just figured this would give a different perspective. Continue reading “DMing The Curse of Strahd”


Jeskai Possibility Storm: A Deck Tech


So here it is, the deck tech to follow up on my previous article. I’ll be discussing card choices, why I decided to include the cards I did, and a break down of some of the key interactions you’ll face when playing with or against this deck.
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 Pandemic Legacy 

I have just started a game of Pademic Legacy with Dan, his dad Jim and Tim. This will be the on going story of our campaign.

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Star Wars RPG

Howdy folks Simon here with a new Star Wars RPG setting. I’ll tell the tale as I and the group I play with journey through the galaxy of the Empire controlled systems fighting for the rebellion. Hope you enjoy the ride.

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Vanguard, Gear Groovy?

Gear Groovy

Anyone who knows me knows that i enjoy me some steam punk and Bushitroll has provided in spades with Gear Chronicle.

Unfortunately however because it’s so OP everyone has built it. So i found myself retreating to the Man Cave in order to diversify things a little whilst remaining both competitive but also not the same old-same old GC that keeps topping.
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Possibility Storm: A Journey

The Beginning

It all started with a crazy friend, with a crazier idea during Return to Ravnica/Theros standard. A terrible idea at that, but one that would blossom into something I would come to appreciate very much in the time to come. The idea was making Possibility Storm a reality. And so it began.
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Vampiric Aggro in Aether Revolt Standard Part One -Rearranging Snek-chairs, aka ‘The Tale of the Legendary Monkey’

For my first Magic: the Gathering article here on Geeks Headquaters Gaming, I thought I’d show you all my secrets with a deck tech for my current Standard brew, Black Red aggro with a strong Vampire sub-theme. Whilst not as aggressive as a typical mono-Red or Rakdos guild-era themed aggro deck, It’s proving to be rather diverse and capable of going comfortably into the mid- to late- game. In this first part, I’ll explain how I found myseld building and playing the deck in it’s current incarnation. Come on in friend, and take a look at how my mind plays with Madness… Continue reading “Vampiric Aggro in Aether Revolt Standard Part One -Rearranging Snek-chairs, aka ‘The Tale of the Legendary Monkey’”


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